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About Belize Magical Adventures

“The small dive shop with the biggest heart”

David Thomas Cal dreamed of creating a dive center affordable to all while maintaining high standards, safety and fun at the same time. David has always had a passion for the ocean and it was this passion that created his dream of sharing the magic he experienced. BMA originally opened it’s doors in 2008 as Belize Down Under and then later in 2011 became San Pedro Mystical Adventures. In mid 2015 he found the need of making the  adventures more magical, yet, keeping the mystical spirit, therefore, he  changed the name to Belize Magical Adventures. Now the small dive shop is widely recognized by tourists from all over the world for the quality of the tours, safety, professionalism and value. David has been an active diver & fisherman since the late eighties. Along with his team of professionals, experienced tour guides and staff, they have accumulated a flawless reputation for Belize Magical Adventures.

The Belize Reef System is a diverse ecosystems, it includes seven marine reserves, 450 Cayes and three atolls. The reef is home to thousands of marine species and the most breath-taking coral system.

As the largest reef system in the western hemisphere, it is a top notch tourist attraction. On the hook we can say that we have the best diving, snorkeling and fishing activities in the world.  More than half of the tourists that come to Belize are here to undertake an activity on our beautiful reef, whether it’s for sports or just for the fun.

Join one of our guided trips to the reef or the atolls and let us show you how beautiful life can get.