Hol-Chan & Shark-Ray Alley

Diving at Hol-Chan Reserve

and snorkeling at Shark Ray Alley & Chato Park

1 Tank Dive – $90 US
Dive at about 30 ft of water at the Hol-Chan Channel then you are off for some snorkeling at Shark Ray Alley.

2 Tanks Dive – $130 US
The first dive is done outside the reef at about 80ft and the second is done at the Hol-Chan channel. Your surface interval is done at Shark Ray Alley after the first dive.

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Park Fee for Hol-Chan is additional $10 US

Hol-Chan Marine Reserve is the most visited tourist attraction in Belize due to the boundless marine life and coral formations. Hol-Chan holds about 90% of all the species of sea life that can be found in the entire barrier reef. Being just about 15 minutes away from our dive shop, you will find yourself immersed into this bliss of passionate marine life in no time. Swim along with casual sea turtles and spotted eagle rays that usually swim above the reef while the more enigmatic creatures like eels and spiny lobsters are found in crevices within the corals.

The next stop is a snorkeling stop at Shark Ray Alley, an ultimate swim-with-animals experience. This site is one of the best animal snorkeling site in the Caribbean, where you will swim along with the largest Southern sting rays and nurse sharks there is on the planet.

Then you are off to Chato Park, a domestic name given by locals to a small turtle sanctuary found inside reserve. Encounter even more sea turtles here than you will at the Hol-Chan channel.