Full Day Snorkel & Beach BBQ

Full Day Snorkel

Full Day Snorkeling & Beach BBQ

$500 US
Boat price for up to 4 persons (price for 5 or more is decided at time of need based on group size)

All Day Fun-In-Da-Sun for the entire family!

A snorkeling extravaganza for a family or groups of friends; snorkel three different spots along the reef and enjoy a delicious BBQ on the beach.

Snorkel all you want in the morning and explore the magnificent formations and marine life under the surface. You will be swimming with friendly creatures like loggerhead turtles, southern sting rays and nurse sharks. Explore and be impressed by the colorful corals and amazing formations.

When the time is right we head to a clean white sandy palm beach for the delicious BBQ meal. We can spend as much time as you want on the beach before heading back into the water for some more snorkeling.

We start the day at 8:30 am and are back around 4:00 pm, but we can accommodate it to your needs. We offer pickups and drops offs to your location in town for $50 US.