Cave Tubing & Belize Zoo

Cave Tubing & The Belize Zoo

Cave Tubing & The Belize Zoo

$165 US
All transfers are included

Family fun filled day and a learning experience for the kids! A trip to get to know various wildlife that are endemic to the region and also our national animals and plants.

Glide down the stream within Belize most amazing cave system, Caves Branch. Explore impressive crystal formations hanging from the ceiling, encounter remains of Mayan artifacts and pottery, crawl steep and narrow pathways and explore hidden chambers.

Along the George Price Highway, formerly known as the Western Highway, is Belize’s largest rehabilitation center for endangered animals. Tons of tourists and locals come to the Belize Zoo to admire and learn about these adorable creatures. You will get the chance to meet the Belize jaguars, crocodiles, hauler monkeys, spider monkeys, macaws, the Keel Billed Toucan (Belize’s national bird), the Tapir (national animal). And as part of Belize’s flora, we have the Black Orchid (national flower) and the Mahogany Tree (national tree) as well as other well known plants and herbs that you will encounter along the rain forest trail.