Lamanai Jungle River Tour


Lamanai Jungle-River Tour

$230 US
Includes airplane transfer

A jungle river safari into the wilderness of the northern river banks and the tropical rain forests en-route to the Mayan City of Lamanai. A Mayan City like no other in Belize, it’s unique design and structure makes it one of the largest Mayan cities in the region. Occupying 950 acres of land, Lamanai consists of over 100 minor structures, a ball court and 12 major buildings. The most notable buildings are the Mask Temple, the Jaguar Temple and the High Temple who’s peak rises well above the forest’s canopy providing a bird’s eye view of everything around it including the New River Lagoon.

The Jungle-River tour is just an amazing experience, and is done on your way to Lamanai. So before you start the archaeological tour you will get to experience this safari excursion along the New River. The boat captain along with your guide will make several stops along the river banks to observe crocodiles, various types of birds, some impressive species of plants. And the most fun part is when you get to interact and feed the spider monkeys, they are so friendly and funny that you would want to adopt one.

The price for this tour includes air fare from San Pedro to Tower Hill and back. At tower hill you will be picked up and taken to the new river, which is just minutes away from the airstrip. Here you begin your journey along the river, into the the lagoon and off to the Mayan site.

The air transfer cuts down 4 hours of travel time, you will be at Tower Hill in 30 minutes max. So you can move a bit later from the island.