Night Diving at Hol-Chan or Tuffy

Night Diving

Night Diving at Hol-Chan or Tuffy

Night Dive at Hol-Chan $80 US

Park Fee for Hol-Chan is additional $10US

 Night Dive at Tuffy $70 US

This is definitely a top diving experience that will thrill your senses to the max. This is no ordinary dive, this is a dive where you will experience beyond the expected. There is an unbelievable amount of creatures that you will encounter at a night dive, creatures that come out and hunt or play as the sun goes down.

Magical Belize Adventures invites you to try the night diving; it’s truly an unforgettable experience. You will get to see parrot fish asleep, lobsters, octopus, red hermit crabs, brittle starfish, and if you are lucky also a harlequin shrimp and a sea horse.

Night Dives are done at Hol-Chan Marine Reserve or Tuffy, with a maximum depth of 30ft and last for approximately an hour . We depart from our dive shop at 6:00 pm with at least 2 divers to confirm the trip.