Turneffe Atoll Diving

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Diving at Turneffe Atoll

$200 US

Be astounded by this natural heritage and home to thousands of species of corals and marine life. Experience wall diving like never before at Turneffe!

The Turneffe atoll is the largest of the three atolls of Belize with a great amount of mangrove islands, shallows and lagoons. A true heaven for divers, snorkelers and fishermen of all kind. The environment at Turneffe is perfect for all level of divers and also perfect for snorkeling on the shallow patches of reef gardens found along the atoll.

This is a natural nursery for an infinite number of tropical creatures including our Reef’s native creature, the remarkable white-spotted toad fish. You can also encounter impressive creatures like playful dolphins, tarpons, eagle rays, turtles, huge green moray eels, reef sharks, nurse sharks, permits, trunkfish, large groupers and thousand of others.

This is a full day adventure trip, departing from our dock at 6:00 to Turneffe and back at out dock at 5:30 pm.